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Component Interface Cables


The interface between components is a critical link in the audio reproduction chain. We believe it to be as important as components themselves.


When compared to general-purpose component cables, the Absolute Fidelity Component Interface has much better micro and macro-dynamic resolution. As a result, the decay of notes is more extended and the music has better tonal color. Bass is also tighter, more tuneful, and has better pace and rhythm. The coherence makes the various singers and players in an orchestra or band gel together better to bring about a much better musical performance.


Absolute Fidelity Component Interface Cables are standard with state-of-the-art  WBT Nextgen RCA connectors.


Single Ended Connectors:

Directional - Silver WBT NextGen at input & Copper WBT NextGen at output

Balanced Connectors:

Directional - Neutrik XLR connectors - male/female

Outside Diameter:

13mm (1/2)

Cable Construction:

Two x 28 AWG Copper

Dielectric Type:


Conductor Type:

Silver-plated copper


Dual floating static conductive shield, metallized polypropylene & conductive polyamide

Loop Inductance:

0.10uH/ft @1kHz


32pF/ft @1kHz

Specifications subject to change without notice.



Call Us 206-878-3833 or email sales@kosmic.us

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1.5m pair RCA connectors

$2,700 per pair

1.5m pair XLR connectors

$2,700 per pair


Additional 1m length

$360 per 0.5m pair


Please call 206-878-3833 or email sales@kosmic.us if you have any questions or would like to place an order.



"Gary Koh's "underground" interconnects and speaker wires stand shoulder to shoulder, or nearly so, with the most transcendent and truly expensive cables which constitute the top of contemporary audio cable performance: Kubala-Sosna's Elation and their Emotion; Stealth's "Indra" and "Metacarbon"; along with Silversmith's "Palladium" cables."

Jim Merod