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Silver Cleanus


Entreq power Cleaning models include the Cleanus, Silver Cleanus, and Atlantis Cleanus. They are completely passive mains filters. You could more accurately describe it as high frequency separator. High frequency interference and OTHER contaminants are dramatically reduced but without ANY loss of dynamics or dynamic constraints. The result is a quiet and pitch black background.


Cleanus and Silver Cleanus: Using a hard wired Apollo Power cable, you simply plug the Cleanus into an available receptacle in your system. An Entreq Ground point is included which can be connected to a Silver Tellus with Eartha cable for increased performance.



Optional Grounding


Grounding models include the Tellus, Silver Tellus, Minimus, Silver Minimus and Eartha cables. An Entreq Ground point is included with each Distribution or Cleaning model which can be connected to a Grounding box with Eartha cable creating a virtual ground for the Distribution or Cleaning boxes. This further reduces system noise and distortion.


Specifications subject to change without notice.




Cleanus $1,570


Silver Cleanus $3,140


Atlantis Cleanus $6,000



To order Eartha cables click here.



Entreq Power Management products are Special Order. Please contact sales@kosmic.us or call 206-878-3833 to place an order or check availability.




In Process




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