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Entreq Receivus absorbs energy such as RFI and EMI noise when placed directly on electronics. This results in a lower noise floor, improving imaging and micro detail. They also increase dynamic range and contrast, creating a more emotional experience when listening to music.


One Entreq Eartha Ground Cable must be purchased separately for connection to an Entreq Grounding Box.


Receivus with Eartha Grounding Cable Attached (Spade-to-Spade)




The Entreq Receivus is connected to the Entreq Grounding box with an Entreq Eartha Ground Cable creating a virtual ground. Entreq Grounding Boxes include the Tellus, Silver Tellus, Minimus, and Silver Minimus.


Entreq Eartha ground cables have been designed to create an optimum ground path to the Entreq Ground Boxes and are available in several levels of performance. The Entreq Receivus requires an Entreq Eartha Cable with Spade-to-Spade connectors. One end with the spade attaches to the Entreq Ground Box. Standard length is 1.65 meters (5.4 feet), other lengths are available by special order at additional cost.


Specifications subject to change without notice.







*Entreq Eartha Spade-to-Spade Grounding Cable not included.

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ďIf we think about grounding as part of the system foundation and consider the role it plays, then the performance of the Entreq Tellus, Minimus and Eartha should come as no surprise. I consider them as genuinely vital elements or tools in the process of achieving the best possible performance from your system. Their sonic benefits are obvious enough, but their real value lies in the ease they bring to musical performances, the clarity they bring to the message. Iíve yet to find a system or situation where they donít work (although the great law of Sod says thereíll be one out there somewhere), which makes them that most valuable of audio components: the universal upgrade. In my experience, anybody investing money in audio performance would be foolish to ignore them.Ē

Roy Gregory



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