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DPS-4 Power Cable


The DPS-4 power cable uses Furutech’s Ultimate-Quality, top-Shelf bulk power cable.  Each 11AWG 7N conductor is constructed using a combination of Furutech DUCC Ultra Crystallized High Purity Copper and Furutech’s world famous Pure Transmission (Alpha) OCC copper.




Furutech (Alpha) OCC Copper  is the result of processing with the Alpha Super Cryogenic and Demagnetizing treatment. OCC’s benefits are its larger “fibrous” crystals in which one dimension is longer than the other two so as to create as few crystal junctions as possible. Thus, OCC’s sensitivity to directionality; one path exhibits the least resistance.


Furutech DUCC Ultra Crystallized High Purity Copper  is supplied and regulated with strict quality control by Mitsubishi Materials Industries (MMI) and is one of the best conductors Furutech engineers have found for signal transmission.


MMI is the leading manufacturer of the highest-purity oxygen-free copper in the world. And they process this copper with new technology that optimally aligns the crystals while reducing the number of crystal-grain boundaries resulting in a tremendously efficient conductor.  As a result, DUCC is less sensitive to directionality than OCC. 


Each Conductor has 3 layers of wire

  • Inner layer is OCC (79 strand x 0.18mm, Right rotate)

  • Middle layer is DUCC (37 strand x 0.18mm, Left rotate)

  • Outer layer is DUCC (42 strand x 0.18mm, Right rotate)

Low Dielectric Insulation: 2 layers, Inner layer is Audio Grade FEP (Fluoropolymer) and Outer layer is Audio Grade P.E. (Red, White, Green).


Damping: Audio Grade Flexible PVC (Black) incorporating Nano-Ceramic / Carbon particle damping compound


Shield: 3 layer shield: Copper Foil + Braided OFC Copper + Paper


With FI-50 NCF Connectors

FI-50 NCF Features

Furutech’s Pure Transmission FI-50 NCF Piezo Ceramic series connector bodies and housings feature several breakthrough construction techniques.


NCF Connector body

Incorporates an “active” damping material: Nano Crystal Formula - Nano Crystalline, Ceramic and Carbon Powder. NCF is comprised of a special crystalline material that has two “active” properties. First, it generates negative ions that eliminate static. Second, it converts thermal energy into far-infrared. Furutech then combines this remarkable crystalline material with nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder for their additional “Piezo Effect” damping properties. The resulting Nano Crystal Formula is the ultimate electrical and mechanical damping material – only found in Furutech products!


Nano Crystal Formula

Eliminates static

Converts thermal energy

Dampens vibration

Stainless Steel and Silver Plated Carbon Fiber Shell

Incorporates a special damping and insulating Acetal copolymer. Furutech settled on multilayer nonmagnetic stainless steel and silver plated carbon fiber for the outer housing after extensive listening sessions with Japanese industry figures and audiophiles.


Floating Magnetic Field Effects - The Furutech Earth/Ground Jumper System

How far will Furutech’s engineers go in their attempts to reach Pure Transmission reference quality? Their concentrated examination of each and every element of signal transfer has resulted in another breakthrough technology, the Furutech Earth/Ground Jumper System. It eliminates EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) induced in metal parts like connector housing screws. Current flowing through the power connector creates a magnetic field, just as an insulated conductor creates both electromagnetic and electrostatic fields. Furutech engineers found this magnetic field induces current flow (and a small magnetic field) in the screws holding the connector together! These magnetic fields interfere with the larger magnetic field around the conductor and connector. Furutech’s total attention to detail and elegant engineering neatly solves the problem. The Earth/Ground Jumper System connects the securing screws to a ground terminal within the plug completely eliminating the field disturbances they cause. The stray fields are grounded by a series of interlocking parts within the connector that attach to the ground conductor. The Jumper System is available in Furutech NEMA Power and IEC Connectors.   The Earth/Ground Jumper System Carries US Patent No. 6,669,491


Pure-Copper Conductors

Incorporates Furutech α (Alpha) Pure-Copper Rhodium-plated Conductor and treated with the Furutech 2-Stage Cryogenic and Demagnetization process.

FI-52 NCF 20 Amp IEC


DPS-4 Specifications


Conductor Material

3 layer conductors (Alpha) OCC + DUCC (7N Class purity)

Inner layer OCC 79 strand x 0.18mm  (Right rotate)

Middle layer DUCC 37 strand x 0.18mm  (Left rotate)

Outer layer DUCC 42 strand x 0.18mm  (Right rotate)


11AWG / 4.02 Sq.mm


2 layer insulation

Inner layer is Audio Grade FEP (Fluoropolymer)

Outer layer is Audio Grade P.E.( Red White Green)

Twisting Method

3 Cores Twisted Together


Cotton Filler Non Woven

Barrier Layer

Fabric wrap

Inner Sheath

Audio Grade Flexible PVC (Black) incorporating Nano-Ceramic / Carbon particle damping compound


3 layer shield: Copper Foil + Braided OFC Copper + Paper

Outer Sheath/Jacket

Audio Grade Flexible PVC (Rose Red), 1.2mm Thick, 17.0 mm Approx.  Diameter

Electrical Properties

Max. Conductor Resistance km 4.5 JISC3005 6 20 Min. Insulation Resistance M km >2500 JISC3005 9.1 20 Dielectric Strength V1 min. AC 3000 JISC3005 8

Specifications subject to change without notice.



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DPS-4 Power Cable

With FI-50 NCF Connectors

15 Amp IEC

2m Length



DPS-4 Power Cable

With FI-50/52 NCF Connectors

20 Amp IEC

2m Length



Optional Black Techflex Jacket

2m Length



Please call

206-878-3833 or email sales@kosmic.us if you have any questions or would like to place an order.




The new Furutech NCF products are state-of-the-art and take power distribution to the next level of performance.

Joe Pittman