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The Genesis™ 4 loudspeaker was designed from the ground up to be the definitive loudspeaker for the audiophile who wants to share his music with his significant other, his family and his friends. It is the loudspeaker for the family room or the living room: not to be hidden away in the ‘listening room’.

It is unlike other high-end loudspeakers that are designed to be dialed in to accommodate a single seated listener in the “money seat”. It expands on the Genesis feature of a large sweet spot that will envelope a family sitting on a sofa, and yet plays with Absolute Fidelity® so that all members of the family can enjoy the music that they love – from rock, to classical, to electro-house to jazz.

A pair of the G4 loudspeakers easily covers the whole living room uniformly with sound, resulting in the same quality of sound anywhere in the room. Used for parties, the G4 does not cast a ‘sonic shadow’ so that people milling in front of the speaker does not obstruct the sound. This is made possible by the wide and even dispersion of the transducers and the dipolar nature of the G4.

Every pair of Genesis 4 is lovingly custom-built by craftsmen in Washington State in the USA. It is available in beautiful wood and painted finishes, and can be custom-designed to any finish specified by your interior architect to match your living room. The picture shows a bamboo-damask finish requested by the designer’s wife.

The G4 is a smallish 50-inch high cabinet that will find its place in any living room or audiophile’s dedicated listening room. The cabinet is constructed of a specially formulated laminate comprising sustainable, green poplar and bamboo (it’s a grass, not a wood), and medium and high density fiberboards. This low-mass high-Q composite manages resonance without resorting to massive cabinets and excessive damping which may suck away the life of the music.

Expanding on the family-friendly nature of the G4, the famous Genesis Ring-Radiator Ribbon Tweeter (R3T) and a new planar-magnetic ribbon midrange allows it to play softly with the clarity, detail and resolution that all Genesis loudspeakers are famous for. This means that you don’t have to turn up the volume to enjoy the music when the rest of the family is resting.

With two solid-titanium cone mid-woofers, the G4 provides the gut-punching dynamics needed to make rock music fun. The mid-bass seamlessly integrates down into the bass-woofer section so that House and Dubstep is just as easily portrayed as is chamber music.

The G4 also features its own servo-controlled bass amplifier for the 10 inch woofers built into the woofer box on the base of each loudspeaker. This means that there is no need to have to choose between using a muscle-bound amplifier with enough power to drive the woofers and a lower-powered amplifier having better harmonic, tonal and spatial characteristics. Servo-control results in extended bass response down to 16Hz, and vanishing low distortion throughout the range.

One side benefit of the included woofer system, worthy of note, is the fact that almost any sized power amplifier may be used to drive the upper section of the Genesis 4. No longer must one choose between having enough amplifier power to adequately drive the woofers and yet maintain the spatial qualities found in many small power amps.

History & Improvements

The G4 loudspeaker (or as we like to call it – the G-Force) develops on the servo-controlled bass system coming from the long legacy of the Infinity™ Servo-Satik 1 that was launched in 1968. The Genesis 4 utilizes the latest evolution of this technology to deliver the most accurate, tightest, and cleanest bass in the world.

Conceptually, it is very simple. An accelerometer mounted on the woofer measures the acceleration of the cone. This is compared to the incoming music signal, and any error is compensated for. If the woofer cone is not accelerating as fast as the music signal dictates, more power is pumped in. If it is still moving when it should not be, the error-correction pulls it back. Servo-correction hence overcomes the inertia and momentum of the heavy woofer cone making it seem to defeat the laws of physics and to appear mass-less.


Steve Lefkowicz of Positive Feeback Online visited Genesis at CES 2014 - the launch of the G4 and had this to say of the speakers: "The new Genesis 4 was plain brilliant. Delicate, powerful, detailed, musical, and just plain fun to listen to."




Frequency Response

20Hz to 40kHz, ± 3dB


89 dB 1 watt 1 meter

Input Impedance

4 ohms (nominal)

HF Transducers

Two Genesis R3T (front & rear)

Midrange Transducer

One 2” x 6” planar magnetic

Mid-Woofer Transducer

Two 5.5” titanium cone


Two 10” servo-controlled

Bass Amplification

500W built-in Class D

Controls Soft/Bright

(± 4.5 dB)


(± 4.5 dB)

Bass Gain

(1 – 11)

Low Pass

(70Hz – 135Hz)


Speaker level 5-way binding posts


H 50 ” x W 18 ” x D 22 ”, H 1270mm x W 457mm x D 559mm


118 lbs (54 kg)

Finish Options

Custom or bamboo or painted

Specifications are subject to change without notice.



KOSMIC is proud to be an authorized dealer for Genesis Advanced Technologies in the Washington State area. We are currently demonstrating Genesis loudspeakers at our Seattle showroom by appointment only. Please contact us to schedule an appointment for demonstration. If you do not have an authorized dealer in your area we can help you.


We believe Genesis manufactures the finest loudspeakers within each of its price categories.  Having listened to just about every major cost-no-object loudspeaker on the planet, the Prime is by far and away the best sounding and uncompromising loudspeaker we have experienced. Although the Prime is beyond the means of just about everybody, the fundamental characteristics are a part of each Genesis loudspeaker which they appropriately call absolute fidelity. Regardless of the model selected, you are sure to experience the ultimate in sound quality at that price point.



Call Us 206-878-3833 or email sales@kosmic.us

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Genesis products are only sold through authorized dealers. KOSMIC is proud to be the authorized dealer for Washington State. We cannot ship into states that have a Genesis dealer. However, if you do not have a dealer in your state, we would be happy to provide sales and support. See Genesis Web Site for list of authorized dealers. Please email sales@kosmic.us or call 206-878-3833 for availability. All Genesis products are SPECIAL ORDER.