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Genesis 1.2 Reference Loudspeaker


A product with an exacting quality all covet, but few achieve; Its sonic ability which is the aspiration of all other speakers. The Genesis Prime is a product people long to own. Few have seen or even heard this loudspeaker, but all who own it wouldn't trade it in for anything else! It is the world's ultimate cost-no-object reference loudspeaker system.


This is one of the very few speakers in the world that is capable of recreating the size, weight, impact, and listening levels of a live performance with ease. Any passage, no matter how demanding, is reproduced with absolute fidelity. The Genesis Prime creates one of the most convincing soundstages in the world, short of being there yourself - be it a large orchestral performance, a rock concert, or a solo unamplified voice.


For film enthusiasts, the Genesis Prime plays with all the delicacy to render the softest whisper to the loudest roar of a dinosaur. The power handling of this loudspeaker is unlimited in a real-world sense.


Technical Details

The Genesis Prime consists of four major modules: two midrange/tweeter screens and two bass towers. Each module is 7.5' tall, and is covered in the most beautiful plantation grown South American rosewood that money can buy, and hand finished to the most exacting furniture grade standards possible.


Each of the midrange/tweeter panels is 42" wide and houses a 75" tall ribbon midrange with twenty ribbon tweeters on the front and six in the rear to form a near perfect dipolar line source array. Each baffle is machined out of a solid piece of one inch thick black Corian.


The tweeter is our own proprietary 1" ribbon built from an incredibly thin membrane of Kapton and aluminum (.0005" thick). Behind the flat diaphragm of the tweeter is the motor, a precision machined and focused magnetic structure.


The midrange module is a single 75" dipolar ribbon driver. A push /pull dipole configuration was chosen to eliminate the distortion inherent in many single ended ribbon designs. The diaphragm of this driver is made of a 0.001" thick Mylar film laminated with a thin aluminum strip, which acts as the voice coil of the driver. The entire device is suspended in a powerful magnetic field created by over 30 feet of Ceramic 8 magnets.


At 7.5' tall and 18" wide, the two bass towers each house six servo-controlled twelve inch metal cone woofers individually driven by a pair of six channel servo amplifiers connected to the woofers via custom 3,000 watt hand-crafted servo-bass cables. The fully discrete servo amplifiers are remote controlled. Functions include volume, low pass, high pass, phase and power. Inside each, there are three toroidal transformers that deliver the power, which is adjustable to any line voltage a customer might desire.


The crossover module for each of the midrange/tweeter panels is housed in a separate Corian enclosure with a tuned suspension system to isolate it acoustically. Inside the crossover, Genesis has incorporated the world's first multiple tap copper foil inductor for the midrange and our own proprietary polypropylene film and foil capacitors for the tweeter array.


The complete Genesis Prime system consisting of the six separate elements weighs over 1 l/4 tons and is shipped in six wooden crates.




Frequency Response

16Hz to 36kHz, 1dB


91 dB 1 watt 1 meter

Controls (on amplifier)

Gain, Phase, low-pass, high-pass

Controls (on speaker)

Rear Tweeter (+/- 1 dB)

Midrange (+/- 0.75 dB)

Input Impedance

4 ohms (nominal)

33K ohms (amplifier)

HF Transducers (per side)

26 Genesis 1" circular ribbon

Tweeters  (20 front, 6 rear)

Midrange Transducers (per side)

Single 75" Ribbon

LF Transducers (per side)

Six Genesis 12" woofers with ribbed-aluminum cones

Amplifier Power Rating

Six channels per side

@400 watts each


1 pair XLR (balanced)

1 pair RCA (single ended)

Dimensions (system comprises four towers)

     Mid/Tweeter Wing

     Woofer Tower




H 90" x W 41.5" x D 5" each

H 90" x W 15.5" x D 19" each

H 10" x W 12" x D 19" each

H 3" x W 6" x D 8" each

System Total Net Weight

1,250 lbs (568kg) per side

70 lbs (32kg) amplifier per side


Carbon Fiber, Brazilian Rosewood, High Gloss Black HMWA (High Molecular Weight Acrylic)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.



KOSMIC is proud to be an authorized dealer for Genesis Advanced Technologies in the Washington State area. We are currently demonstrating Genesis loudspeakers at our Seattle showroom by appointment only. Please contact us to schedule an appointment for demonstration. If you do not have an authorized dealer in your area we can help you.


We believe Genesis manufactures the finest loudspeakers within each of its price categories.  Having listened to just about every major cost-no-object loudspeaker on the planet, the Prime is by far and away the best sounding and uncompromising loudspeaker we have experienced. Although the Prime is beyond the means of just about everybody, the fundamental characteristics are a part of each Genesis loudspeaker which they appropriately call absolute fidelity. Regardless of the model selected, you are sure to experience the ultimate in sound quality at that price point.


Call Us 206-878-3833 or email sales@kosmic.us

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Carbon Fiber/Silver Wire



Brazilian Rosewood



High Gloss Black HMWA



Custom finishes in

"any" wood veneer

Price On Application


Custom narrow version

for restricted spaces

Price On Application


50% Deposit required,

Eight (8) months

 lead time.



Genesis products are only sold through authorized dealers. KOSMIC is proud to be the authorized dealer for Washington State. We cannot ship into states that have a Genesis dealer. However, if you do not have a dealer in your state, we would be happy to provide sales and support. See Genesis Web Site for list of authorized dealers. Please email sales@kosmic.us or call 206-878-3833 for availability. All Genesis products are SPECIAL ORDER.