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Genesis 2.2jr Reference Loudspeaker

Genesis 2.2 Reference Loudspeaker

Genesis 1.2 Reference Loudspeaker







The Maestro is a diminutive giant capable of delivering deep and profoundly powerful bass with a life-like soundstage in a graceful and physically unobtrusive form. It transports the soloist, jazz quartet, rock band, or even 100-piece orchestra into your home. It features exquisite high-gloss real wood veneers to fit into your decor.

The G-Force loudspeaker was designed from the ground up to be the definitive loudspeaker for the audiophile who wants to share music with significant others, family and friends. It is the loudspeaker for the family room or the living room: not to be hidden away in the ‘listening room’.

The Forte has a single 48-inch long ribbon midrange and fifteen1-inch ring-radiator ribbon tweeters (12 front, 3 rear) on a composite non-resonant baffle. In addition, two 12-inch aluminum woofers plus a 1,000W servo-controlled bass amplifier are built into each attached bass enclosures.

The Quartet loudspeaker system is created for the music lover who accepts no compromises in the reproduction of the musical event. It is the culmination of a 30+ year legacy of reference-level line-source dipole flagship loudspeaker systems dating back to the Genesis I in 1993, and even further back to the IRS™ in 1977.

A product with an exacting quality all covet, but few achieve; Its sonic ability which is the aspiration of all other speakers. The Prime is a product people long to own. Few have seen or even heard this loudspeaker, but all who own it wouldn't trade it in for anything else! It is the world's ultimate cost-no-object reference loudspeaker system.


High Gloss Black HMWA


High Gloss Black HMWA


High Gloss Black HMWA


High Gloss Black HMWA



Rosewood or Ebony Veneer


Brazilian Rosewood Veneer


Brazilian Rosewood Veneer


Brazilian Rosewood Veneer


Brazilian Rosewood Veneer




Carbon Fiber/Silver Wire



Carbon Fiber/Silver Wire



Carbon Fiber/Silver Wire



Carbon Fiber/Silver Wire




Four-tower Version

High Gloss Black HMWA



Custom narrow version for restricted spaces

Price On Application


Custom finishes in "any" wood veneer, Price On Application

Custom finishes in "any" wood veneer, Price On Application

Custom finishes in "any" wood veneer, Price On Application

Call for availability

3 month lead time

3 month lead time

6 month lead time

8 month lead time



Prices shown are per pair.  HMWA = High Molecular Weight Acrylic




Genesis products are only sold through authorized dealers. KOSMIC is proud to be the authorized dealer for Washington State. We cannot ship into states that have a Genesis dealer. However, if you do not have a dealer in your state, we would be happy to provide sales and support. See Genesis Web Site for list of authorized dealers. Please email sales@kosmic.us or call 206-878-3833 for availability. All Genesis products are SPECIAL ORDER.


Having listened to just about every major cost-no-object loudspeaker on the planet, the Prime is by far and away the best sounding and uncompromising loudspeaker we have experienced. But is very important to point out that even if the Prime is within ones means, it is necessary to have a room large enough for optimal performance. A suitable room would be around 30 feet wide by 50 feet. Since most people don't have a room that large, the Quartet and other loudspeakers were developed. The smaller and less costly models are not "compromised" models compared to the "flag ship" Prime in terms of sound quality. The smaller models have been scaled down to work in more average (smaller) rooms. The G7 Petite, the smallest Genesis loudspeaker for example, doesn't have the dynamic impact of the Prime by itself, but add a Genesis ServoSub and you will find the combination to be cut from the same sonic cloth (same circular ribbon tweeters and ServoSub technology as in the Prime).


Each Genesis model shares the same fundamental characteristics which they appropriately call absolute fidelity. Regardless of the model selected, you are sure to experience the ultimate in sound quality.



Call Us 206-878-3833 or email sales@kosmic.us

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