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Designed specifically for high-current applications, IsoTekʼs Super Titan is the ultimate power conditioner for high-end audio systems.

Building upon the design of the existing Titan, IsoTekʼs new flagship was inspired by the emergence of a new breed of super-powerful high-end amplifiers whose current demands set specific challenges that are not fully met by existing mains conditioning products. In the process, IsoTek has designed a power conditioner that outperforms all others currently available, both on paper and in practice. In the six years since its launch, the multi-award-winning Titan has built a reputation as the finest mains conditioner on the market, described by the critics at What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision as “a revelation” and by those at Hi-Fi News as “the most impressive mains filter we've ever heard”. Its innovative technology, designed specifically for power amplification, forms an epoch-making partnership with the IsoTek Nova, which delivers the same exacting level of quality for source components and preamplifiers.

While the Titan remains a critical component in IsoTekʼs product range, the arrival of Super Titan heralds the start of a new high-end range of power optimization components called Ultra Reference. It takes the Titan blueprint and enhances every element of its design to deliver a new benchmark in the field of mains conditioning for high-performance audio and AV systems.

Unrivalled Current Capability
Like the existing Titan, the Super Titan is designed to meet the specific demands of high-end power amplifiers. However, in terms of its ability to deliver current, it is almost twice as powerful: while the Titan is capable of delivering 4,600W of continuous current, the Super Titan delivers 7,360W. With 35,500W of transient power on tap, Super Titan is quite simply the worlds most powerful audiophile mains conditioner.

Unique Filtering Circuits
The Super Titanʼs filtering capability is also double that of the Titan. It uses a group of four seven-stage filters in a series parallel combination. A simple comparison may be drawn to multiple-cylinder engines. The four sections combine to make one ʻsuperʼ seven-element filter, which is inherently superior to engineering a single large filter.

Eliminating Noise Without Limiting Transient Power
Mains noise can be broken down into two types. The first is differential noise, which is typically caused by switching – everything from a light switch to the switch-mode power supplies used in common domestic appliances. The second is common mode noise, which emanates from a point source, such as a radio transmitter. These noise types are complete opposites, yet they exist side by side and arrive in the home via live and neutral mains cables. The elimination of mains-borne noise is the primary purpose of any specialist power conditioner, but this is difficult to achieve without compromising an amplifiers transient performance. However, the Super Titanʼs filtering circuits remove both differential and common mode noise, improving sonic clarity and definition, without restricting transient ability. The filtering circuits comprise bespoke parts that cover an extremely wide frequency band, aided by specialized choke designs.

Direct Coupled Design©
The Super Titanʼs filtering circuits are incorporated into IsoTekʼs unique Direct Coupled Design© concept, originally developed for the Titan and further enhanced for Super Titan to ensure optimal high-current filtering. Put simply, if a test meter were connected to the Super Titan, the reading would be akin to a very low resistance piece of wire from input to output. Other manufacturers use isolation transformers as part of their mains conditioning solutions, but IsoTekʼs Direct Coupled Design© eschews these devices because they break the cardinal rule of maintaining transient power.

IsoTekʼs proprietary KERP© technology secures a pure, symmetrical signal path through the unit, while the Polaris-X© network reduces crosstalk and improves component-from-component isolation. In addition, a massive 135,000 Amps of instantaneous and repeatable surge protection safeguards valuable audio equipment against spikes and surges in the mains supply – no other device on the market can match this level of protection.

Integral Isolation Support
Fashioned from aluminum, Super Titanʼs rigid outer casing is cradled in a specially developed support structure called ISIS© (Independent System Isolation Support). The main unit is point-clamped between two panels at the top and bottom, each of which is formed of a special resonance-damping material sandwiched between two ultra-dense Corean plates, with the overall structure supported by four substantial aluminum pillars. ISIS© was developed in conjunction with Kurt Olbert, the creator of RDC and an acknowledged expert in developing proprietary materials for audio applications. Its purpose is two-fold. First, it reduces the effect of airborne vibration and microphony, as well as subsonic vibration and resonance in the device itself, which are detrimental to the performance of electronics. Second, its shape, strength and resonance-damping abilities provide a perfect platform on which to place other components, its stackable design saving space when using more than one IsoTek unit.

Purpose-Built Power Cable
In order to deliver up to 32Amps continuously, the Super Titan incorporates silver-plated 32A locking Neutrik input and output sockets. To ensure optimum results, IsoTek has also designed a unique 32A power cable called Intense, developed especially for the Super Titan – no other power conditioner brand can boast such attention to detail.

The Ultimate High-Current Power Conditioner
No matter how powerful the amplifier, however current-hungry it may be, Super Titan delivers a super-clean, ultra-consistent supply of electricity without limitation, ensuring the world's best amplifiers perform to their full potential every time.

Super Titan 32 Amp version with Neutrik Powercon connectors


Number of outlets

4 + Multi-Link/Auxiliary

Type of outlets

Silver-plated 32Amp Neutrik

Mains inlet

Silver-plated 32Amp Neutrik

Mains voltage


Maximum current

32Amp continuous
Total Main power 3,680W continuous power @115V, 7,360W continuous power @230V
Total Auxiliary power 2,300W continuous power @115V, 4,600W continuous power @230V
Total Combined power 5,980W continuous power @115V, 11,960W continuous power @230V
Transient power 35,500W
Surge protection 135,000Amp instantaneous
Dimensions 500x300x500mm (WxHxD)



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Super Titan 20 Amp

Silver or Black finish

Includes Intense Power Cable



Super Titan 32 Amp

Silver or Black finish

Includes Intense Power Cable




Please call 206-878-3833 or email sales@kosmic.us if you have any questions or would like to place an order.




Designed for high-current demands, it has no power limit we can detect.

You want the best? This is it.

The Super Titan is our reference.

Joe Pittman