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Never content, we've constantly been evaluating our streamers to see if there was any possible way to beat them. It's taken years, but finally we're ready to reveal Streaming's New Cutting Edge.

Re-engineered throughout, LUMIN X1 makes improvements in every possible location:

  • New processor delivers native DSD512 & PCM768 playback

  • Dual Mono design throughout maximizes channel separation

  • Dual ES9038Pro SABRE DACs featuring 140dB dynamic range

  • Femto Clock System with precision FPGA distribution

  • New Output Buffer design

  • Dual Mono dual stage linear regulator

  • USB Digital Audio Output supports Native DSD512

Entirely new Power Supply

  • New solid billet CNC casing design

  • Separate digital & analogue circuitry

  • Low-noise linear regulator

  • New 9-pin output connector

  • Available as an upgrade for existing S1 / A1 / T1 customers

Built-in Optical Network Capability

  • Industry-first audiophile network streamer with built-in Optical Network capability

  • Provides complete isolation from network digital noise

  • Industry-standard SFP for maximum compatibility

Latest Internet Streaming





Lumin Network Music Player App for the iPad

The iPad app is intuitive and fast (iPad not included).








Streaming Protocol


Supported Audio File Formats


Supported Audio






Analog Output Stage


Case size


Power Consumption




Specifications subject to change without notice



Call Us 206-878-3833 or email sales@kosmic.us




with SILVER or BLACK case




*An iPad is required to operate all Lumin Network Music Players and is not included in the price.



Please call 206-878-3833 or email sales@kosmic.us if you have any questions or would like to place an order.


Worldwide 24 months warranty.







"This is another 2018's contender that deserves the highlight. LUMIN X1 has already warmed up my inner clocking and lit up the music related inner sensors to extend my appreciation with Mono and Stereo 2018 Highly Recommend Product award!"

Matej Isak