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Oyaide P-079 Plug, C-079 IEC, P-079e Schuko and P-279 20 Amp IEC

P-079 Plug, C-079 IEC, P-079e Schuko and P-279 20 Amp

Gold sounds warm, spacious and luxurious.


Oyaide connectors feature highly polished contacts for exceptional performance. Deoxidized Phosphor Bronze is used as the base metal for its hardness, spring-strength and conductivity. The contact surfaces are polished twice and then plated with super thick 24K GOLD and then polished twice again.



High density PBT is mixed with 30% glass filler for rigidity, thermal stability and high resonance absorption.

Outer Casing



Deoxidized Phosphor Bronze  (1.4mm)

Highly (twice) polished for the most secure contact.


24K GOLD  (2.0 micron)

Cable O.D. Range

Minimum 6.5 mm

Maximum 17.0 mm

Wire Gauge

Maximum 10 gauge

Volt / Amp

125 Volt / 15 Amp

Specifications subject to change without notice.



P-079 Plug


C-079 IEC


P-079e Schuko

European Plug


C-279 20 Amp IEC





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