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KOSMIC is all about MUSIC. To recreate the most realistic experience possible. KOSMIC is taken from the Greek Cosmos, and in the most general sense, a cosmos is an orderly or harmonious system. This is the essence of our philosophy. And like the definition of cosmic, it can be an expression of amazement or wonder.


Many enthusiasts pursue the best audio equipment within their budgets. And much of the industry: manufacturers, dealers, magazines and the internet focus much attention on equipment. We are conditioned to think that equipment upgrades are the key to achieving musical nirvana. With each equipment upgrade we hope to get closer to our goal. But after the thrill of the new upgrade wears off, we seek more upgrades, this is the vicious cycle, the treadmill of dissatisfaction. As systems are upgraded, they increase in resolution, and more distortions are exposed. The reality is that the reproduction of music in the home is a system of many interrelated parts. The equipment is only a part. It is very significant, but not the whole problem. Having the best equipment does not guarantee the best sound.


Where many enthusiasts fail is to optimize the other fundamental variables or ELEMENTS. These are: RESONANCE CONTROL, POWER and ACOUSTICS. Each of these variables including EQUIPMENT must be balanced and optimized within a given budget. We have no problem with upgrading EQUIPMENT, its that it should be done after the other ELEMENTS have been optimized. Until that happens, we frequently will evaluate equipment and reach incorrect conclusions about the equipment due to problems with resonance control, power and acoustics.


We have created a symbolic representation of the KOSMIC philosophy based on an ancient set of archetypal (generic, idealized model of a concept) Greek classic elements. These ideas date from pre-Socratic times. Oriental variations, date from far earlier. Please don’t confuse this with new age rhetoric. Plato mentions the elements as a list created by the Ionic philosopher Empedocles (ca. 450 BC). Empedocles called these four roots (the term “ELEMENTS” used by later writers): Fire, Earth, Water and Air. With each pair having common properties. Each of these elements are analogous to Equipment, Resonance Control, Power and Acoustics respectively in our philosophy.


EQUIPMENT (Fire) Most equipment generates heat, hence the analogy to fire. Tube based electronics even glow and are hot to the touch. We think that fire is an appropriate metaphor.


RESONANCE CONTROL (Earth) Most equipment is highly influenced by resonance and vibration. One of the lowest level distortions, Resonance and vibration mask low level details. As a system increases its resolution, the more significant are the impact of low level distortions. Most equipment do not deal with the negative effects of resonance in an optimal way. Just like the earth represents strength and stability, so too should good resonance control.


POWER (Water) An analogy often used to describe the flow of electricity in a circuit is water flowing in a pipe. And just like water purity, power purity is most important. Your sound system is no more than a modulated power supply. You can hear distortions in the power system. In addition, power must flow instantaneously with sufficient supply to meet the demand.


ACOUSTICS (Air) From the Greek Akoustikos, from akouein “to hear”. Acoustics in the context of sound carrying ability, is the characteristic way in which sound carries or can be heard within a particular enclosed space. Acoustics has a considerable impact on the quality of music and movies played in the home. Just like air represents openness, so too should good acoustics. (Not closed-in and boxy).



These four "Elements" symbols are combined to form a fifth symbol which represents KOSMIC's philosophy. But what is the point of having optimal Equipment, Resonance Control, Power and Acoustics without music? The equipment would be nothing more than jewelry. In addition, the quality of the recordings is perhaps the most important as the system can never be better than the source. That is why all four Elements together represent Music, the Fifth Element.






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