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VPI  Standard RCA Cables

AC008 1-Meter RCA Cable $380

AC009 1.5-Meter RCA Cable $440

AC010 2-Meter RCA Cable $506


VPI  Weisline RCA Cables

Nordost 4 x 28 AWG Solid core OFC Conductors

FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) extrusion

Twisted Pair cable construction to eliminate inter-channel crosstalk

Individual shielding Left & Right channel for EMI/RFI

Separately shielded, silver-plated ground wire

High quality, low mass, Gold-plated RCA connectors

AC011 1-Meter Weisline RCA Cable $780

AC012 1.5-Meter Weisline RCA Cable $880

AC013 2-Meter RCA Weisline Cable $1000




Absolute Fidelity

Tonearm Interface Cable

5-Pin DIN-to-LEMO

Absolute Fidelity

Tonearm Interface Cable


Absolute Fidelity

Tonearm Interface Cable



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