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SMc Audio Flex-Connect Balanced Isolation System

Balanced Isolation System

  • The ultimate in connection flexibility balanced or unbalanced inputs & outputs in any combination.

  • Galvanic isolation delivers freedom from ground loops.

  • High-performance transformers deliver true balanced operation.

  • 4:1 impedance conversion for driving long interconnects and low-impedance amplifiers.

  • The first truly transparent attenuation for high-gain systems.

  • Excellent CMRR (Common Mode Rejection Ratio) 110dB @ 60Hz.

  • Eliminates RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) and DC leakage.

  • Provides important ground isolation between analog and digital sources. Designed for use in the finest audiophile systems.

  • Highest quality parts used throughout.

  • Completely transparent and silent in operation.

  • Passive design requires no power supply, operates worldwide.

  • Rugged and reliable construction will last a lifetime.

  • Wide bandwidth (-3dB @ .5Hz, 150KHz), very low distortion.

SMc Audio Flex Connect Balanced Isolation System view of input side on top and output side on bottom.

Input side shown on top, output side shown on bottom. Available in Silver or Black.





4:1 ratio input to output

Input impedance

Approx. 40KOhm

Output impedance

Approx. 200 Ohm


-3dB: 0.5Hz to ~ 150KHz

Distortion (THD)

Typically <0.001% @ 1KHz and 0.015% @ 20Hz

Voltage gain


Specifications subject to change without notice.



Call Us 206-878-3833 or email sales@kosmic.us

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SMc Audio

Flex Connect

4:1 Step Down Model

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RMAF 2011

(Rocky Mountain Audio Fest)

"The Interocitor Saved My Life"

by Gary Koh,

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