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pointing up as a support


"Lower the Noise Floor Mechanically"


Stillpoints ULTRA footers are the state-of-the-art and the most sophisticated vibration control devices ever designed. Vertical vibration is transferred to horizontal motion and the vibration energy is converted to heat.


Stillpoints Mini Ultra footers might seem expensive, once you hear what they do for the sound of your system we know you will be impressed! Stillpoints produce consistent improvements in clarity, articulation, natural image size, and tonal color, all without tipping the frequency balance of your system. You’ll hear your music more and your system less, regardless of the performance level of your components and rack. This is only the beginning of the Stillpoints system!


The Mini Ultra consists of an 8-32 threaded stud extending out from the body (see below). The Mini Ultra Base is then attached to the threaded stud to allow for leveling a component or loudspeaker. Each Mini Ultra can support up to 50 pounds. And can be used effectively pointing up or pointing down with the same performance.


Mini Ultra Without Base

pointing down as a footer


The Mini Ultra Without Base will allow you to thread the male stud of the Mini Ultra directly into a component or loudspeaker of your choice, if the female thread is of a compatible size. Replace the original equipment feet, and utilize the technology found in all Stillpoints Ultra and ESS products.


The Mini Ultra can be purchased with a male threaded stud in the following diameters and pitches:M4-0.7,  M6-1.0, 6-32, 8-32, or 1/4-20. The 1/4-20 Mini Ultra "Without Base" is the first step in upgrading the ESS rack with "The Grid".


Specifications subject to change without notice.










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Mini Ultra

With Base and 8-32 Stud

$125 each


Mini Ultra Without Base

M4-0.7 Stud

$100 each


Mini Ultra Without Base

M6-1.0 Stud

$100 each


Mini Ultra Without Base

6-32 Stud

$100 each


Mini Ultra Without Base

8-32 Stud

$100 each


Mini Ultra Without Base

1/4-20 Stud

$100 each



Click here for Threaded Adapters and Spikes


Please call 206-878-3833 or email sales@kosmic.us to place an order or for availability.








"Ultra Stainless-Steel feet, these devices are not inexpensive. Nonetheless, in the context of a high-end system they provide a huge sonic return on the investment."

Robert Harley



" these devices make all prior attempts at isolation seem a waste of effort. It is hard for me to say that one can only hear music reproduction at its best spending thousands of dollars on isolating your equipment, but that is the reality. I would never go back as on each recording I am now totally involved in the music and thrilled by it."

Norm Luttbeg